Latest Changes

2013-12-30 10:57:58 UTC: Implement custom kill streak meter.

2013-12-10 21:47:05 UTC: Implement custom heavy rage meter.

2013-12-06 11:20:34 UTC: Merge changes from 20131126 update.

Last checked on 2014-02-18 07:17:00 UTC.


This is a minimalistic HUD for Team Fortress 2.

There are no versioned releases; all commit history is viewable and downloadable on the GitHub project page. GitHub allows you to download the latest revision as a ZIP archive through a link near the top of the page.

If you have a bug report or feature request not covered here, open an issue on the aforementioned project page. Please check existing issues before opening a new one, attempting a reinstall of the HUD prior to doing so.

There is a Steam group for announcements of significant updates; messages will not be sent out for minor fixes or improvements.


Navigate to your common/team fortress 2/tf/custom/ directory and create a new subdirectory with a name of your choice, placing the downloaded resource/ and scripts/ directories in it.

Always remove these directories when installing or updating the HUD; simply overwriting files may cause problems.


Mac fix: If you are using OS X, the fonts may be misaligned slightly. To fix this, replace both Futura fonts in resource/ with the _mac variants.

Minmode: The minmode version primarily reduces the size of the health and ammo displays, moving them closer to the centre of the screen. It is togglable through the cl_hud_minmode cvar.

Health cross: A health cross can be placed to the left of the numerical health value. To enable it, replace resource/ui/hudplayerhealth.res with hudplayerhealth_cross.res.

Scoreboards: Several alternate scoreboards are included. To use one of them, replace resource/ui/scoreboard.res with the desired file. scoreboard_bottom.res moves the secondary information panel from the right of the scoreboard to the bottom, making it compatible with 4:3 and 5:4 aspect ratios.

Main menu: To return to the default menu, remove resource/gamemenu.res and resource/ui/mainmenuoverride.res.

Colours: Colours are defined at the top of resource/clientscheme.res. All of the colours I've added begin with Omp and have self-explanatory names. Any changes to this file will require a restart of TF2.

Crosshairs: Several crosshairs are defined at the very bottom of scripts/hudlayout.res. They can be enabled by changing the enabled and visible flags to 1. These crosshairs are centred for 1920x1080 and will most likely require adjustments at other resolutions. Play with the xpos, ypos, wide and tall values to adjust the position. To add an outline to any crosshair, add Outline to the font before the number; for example, Crosshairs20 would become CrosshairsOutline20.

Hit crosshairs: To flash your crosshair upon damaging a player, enable a crosshair as previously shown, then uncomment the lines matching your crosshair under the DamagedPlayer event in scripts/hudanimations_tf.txt. The second colour here should be identical to your crosshair colour.

Low ammo indicators: Low ammo indicators are included, but disabled by default. To enable them, find the HudLowAmmoPulse and HudLowAmmoPulseStop events in scripts/hudanimations_tf.txt and uncomment the relevant lines by removing the leading forward slashes.

Spy disguise images: To enable class images when disguised, find the HudSpyDisguiseFadeIn and HudSpyDisguiseFadeOut events in scripts/hudanimations_tf.txt and uncomment the relevant lines by removing the leading forward slashes.

Outlined damage text: To enable a (slightly pixelated) black outline on floating damage text, edit resource/ui/huddamageaccount.res and replace both instances of FuturaHeavy20 with FuturaHeavyOutline20.

Target IDs with health cross: For target IDs with a cross beside the health value, replace resource/ui/spectatorguihealth.res and resource/ui/targetid.res with the supplied _cross variants. For only a cross, with no numerical value, replace spectatorguihealth.res with the _cross_only variant, leaving targetid.res unchanged.


Screenshots are grouped into sections. Click on the labels to expand thumbnails. Clicking on a thumbnail will redirect you to the full-size screenshot. A static screenshots page with no JavaScript is also available; please use that if the links below do not work.